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Students juggle school and work

When it comes to having a full college schedule, students often struggle to accomplish every aspect of each course. When it comes to having a full college schedule and a full work schedule, it’s a whole different ball game.When students have a job, whether it’s on or off campus, students have a lot on their minds. “Working two outside jobs and taking 12 hours at TJC is pretty stressful at times. I work for Hubbard’s Express Air Freight Co. and Clipper’s Lawn Service and during the busy seasons I put in around 60 hours a week with some nights getting home as late as midnight,” Corey Smith, TJC student, said. “One thing that has helped me juggle school and work is planning ahead. Before signing up for classes I knew my work schedule, so I signed up for morning classes so I could work in the afternoon and still have some free time.”Some students may find it convenient that TJC offers jobs on campus. TJC hires students as student assistants and office part-time workers. Student assistants can get up to 18 hours a week as opposed to office part-time workers who can get up to 20 hours a week.Students have a handfull of tasks that have to be done such as filling out an application, and partaking in an interview in applying for a job at TJC.Austin Whitherspoon, a sophomore at TJC, has been an assistant for more than a semester. “Some of the basic requirements I had to have to be a student assistant was to be a student at Tyler Junior College and to be knowledgeable of the campus,” he said.”It is convenient having a job on campus that co-exists with my class schedule. TJC staff works with me on scheduling making it easier for me to work and have a full class schedule. Most of the time I achieve the full 20 hours that are allotted,” Whitherspoon said. Students can go to a school counselor to get ideas on how to juggle a job and a school schedule. “Creating a schedule is an effective way of taking on the task of having a job and going to school as well as allowing time for sleep, free time, breaks, and having time for family,” Counselor Margaret Rapp said.”When hiring students for Tyler Junior College, I look to see if a particular student has at least a 2.0 GPA, if the student is ok for work study, the students flexibility, and also what that student can do for their work program,” Becky Branch, staff member handling student activities at TJC said.

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