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Students ready for graduation must meet the deadline Apr. 1




     Graduation for Spring 2011 is al­most here, but students must remem­ber that graduation is not an automatic step it is also part of a student’s job to make sure they are set and ready to move on. Deadline for students to make sure they are set for this spring graduation is April 1, 2011.

     Each student is responsible for checking with the cashier’s office to pay any outstanding charges on their account prior to graduation. It is the responsibility of each student to apply for the appropriate degree or certifi­cate for which he/ she is eligible for on or before the Application Deadlines. Please check with your Academic of Faculty Advisor to verify that you are eligible for graduation prior to making application.

     Deadline for summer graduation is July 1st and for the fall graduation is November 1st.

     All students participating in the graduation ceremony will be mailed a notice regarding graduation practice, instructions for their cap and gown, and graduation invitations. Reminder, the Registrar’s office will contact you by your TJC email and your mailing address that is on file.

     Students that are applying for graduation with transfer work must verify the Registrar’s Office that all official transcripts have been received prior to applying for graduation.

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