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Students rely on hybrid convenience

Students pay bills, shop and even watch a political debate online from home, and now technology is allowing students to pursue classes and careers through hybrid courses.

A hybrid course is a blend of face-to-face instruction with online learning, spending only one day in class and the other day on Internet-based learning outside of school.

The day used for Internet usage means there is not an in-class session occurring. The class times may be up to one hour and fifteen minutes long. Courses vary from Biology, Introduction to Human Technology to Business and Professional Speaking.

“I don’t have to go to class every day, and everything is accessible on the WEB CT,” TJC student Carley Stewart said.

This may be a good way to save classroom space and reduce the commuting of students, which can save them time and money.

The hybrid courses require self- discipline and organization. The instructor puts assignments on the WEB CT site for the student to have completed for the following week. Instructors also provide notes for the student to study.”It’s the best of both worlds,” said M’Liss Hindman, hybrid course instructor.

“More universities are even requiring students to do homework assignments online and the hybrid classes would be a good way to allow the student to get the hang of using online websites for school.”

“Five years ago, Intro to Human Technology was first introduced as a hybrid class and was a success,” Hindman said.

“It gives you a day to work on all the stuff from previous class period and extra prep in which you don’t get from other classes,” said Kalyn Holloway, TJC student.

The hybrid class allows the teacher to have contact with the student rather than talking to them only via email.

Even though its only one day in-class, it allows the student opportunities to ask the teacher questions about the online assignment or anything they didn’t get the opportunity to ask that prior week.

Getting the student on campus one day, may allow them to focus that extra day and concentrate outside of school.

“There are two types of hybrid courses: Lecture/lab and lecture/E-online learning,” Ken Craver, director of distance education,said.

The lecture/lab courses are a combination of one in-class session and one lab class to go over the material face to face.

The lecture/E-online learning courses are a mixture of one in-class session and one day in which there is not an in-class session, but rather in-class assignments outside of school.

Hybrid courses not only are a new way technology has developed, it is also flexible and convenient.

“We to try to give the students more flexibility in their schedules,” Craver said.

For more information on hybrid courses, contact Ken Craver at 903- 510-2591.

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