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Students search for jobs as more businesses collapse

The current strain on the economy has had a direct effect on college students employed by businesses like Linens-N-Things, Bennigan’s and Oxford St. Restaurant, all of which have had to close.

“I might work at Bed Bath and Beyond since they are the same store and sell the same items,” sophomore Gabrielle Lane said. Lane is one of the 23 employees at the Tyler Linens-N-Things location.

Bennigan’s collapsed in a peculiar fashion. Managers across the country received midnight phone calls telling them to shutter their stores immediately. Customers and employees were left peering in windows.

“Closed for business as of Tuesday, July 29,” said a paper taped to the door of a Bennigan’s on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

For students who may have been directly affected by the recent closings, there is a way to get back into the work force.

“I would suggest that students that have been affected by the recent closures maintain a positive attitude, make sure that their resume is up to date, as well as, practice their interviewing skills,” Annie Lan, Career Services specialist said.

Students are encouraged to stop by Career Services if they need any assistance in developing a resume or are interested in a mock interview.

“Be sure to register on Tyler Junior College’s Apache Jobs and upload your resume,” Lan said.

Career Services will host a job fair exclusively for Surveying and Mapping students from 4:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. on March 19 and an Allied Health and Nursing job fair from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. on March 23 for Allied Health and Nursing students nearing graduation.

“Career Services participates in monthly job fairs for any job seekers,” Lan said.

The local job market should improve with the arrival of new businesses such as Academy, Walgreens, and Chase bank to name a few, which are open or due to open within the coming year.

-MCT Wire Service contributed information to this report-

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