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Students urged to sign up for emergency alerts

When it comes to campus safety, access to information is paramount. Back in April of this year, an alert about a possible shooter on campus was sent out to students and faculty, which was later discovered to be a hoax. Those on campus were alerted of the threat by TJC’s campus notification system, and kept updated on the situation as it progressed. 

“We encourage everybody, at least once a semester to go in, make sure your information is up to date, that way you can receive notifications,” said campus Chief of Police Michael Seale when he spoke about the notification system at the TJC Student Senate meeting on Sept. 5 and urged people to register. Both the TJC Notification System and Rave Guardian app, are free alert system services implemented by campus police as safety resources that allow students, faculty and staff to receive alerts via text, email or phone call about situations on campus involving crime, utilities and weather.

Freshman Sarah Rascoe said, “I feel like they [alerts] make me feel safer on campus.” 

Seale said alerts are verified through administrative offices.

“99.9% of the notifications that we send out will be generated by someone within the police department, somebody within the college administration, or somebody within emergency maintenance,” Seale said. “The only alerts not generated by an actual person are weather alerts by the National Weather Service.”

To sign up for emergency alerts, log in to Apache Access with your TJC ID number (your A number), scroll down to the TJC Alert Notifications banner, and click it. It’ll open a new window where you can add your mobile number (no dashes) and email address to register for alerts. Once added, you’ll be sent verification codes to verify your phone number and email. Enter the codes, and you’re all set to receive emergency alerts. 

The process for the Rave Guardian app is much the same. Log in using your phone number and TJC credentials, enter the verification code it will send, and choose your location. In addition to receiving alerts, the app allows its users to call campus police, 911 and chat directly with dispatchers if calling isn’t the safest option. Other features include a directory with information for counseling, campus police, and the main TJC website, along with a safety timer that allows you to add the phone numbers of your friends/guardian(s) for an added measure of security if you’re walking alone.

All students are advised to check Apache Access to be sure they are signed up to receive notifications from The TJC Notification System, and download the Rave Guardian app from the app store to stay updated in the event of an on-campus emergency. 

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