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Submissions underway for The Bell Tower Arts Journal

Sophomore Laura Clayton reads the 2018 edition of The Bell Tower Arts Journal. The Bell Tower is a campus publication which features creative works by students. Photo by Hannah Horton.

Submissions of prose, poetry, fine art and photography for the 2019 edition of The Bell Tower Arts Journal will be accepted through Nov. 8, 2018.

Each year, The Bell Tower showcases students’ creative talents. Copies of The Bell Tower are located on stands throughout campus.

English Professor Regan Minkel, who serves as Editor of The Bell Tower, explained that works published in the journal are selected by a committee of faculty members and students from the English Department, the Visual Communications Department and the Art Department. “It’s a blind committee, so we don’t know who wrote what. We just look at the pieces and the artwork,” Minkel said.

This is Minkel’s first year as Editor of the journal. “I love it,” said Minkel. “I feel honored that I get an opportunity to work with such creative, wonderful students and such a creative, wonderful faculty. I’m really excited about learning more … With the release of the 2019 Bell Tower, I think that I’m going to learn a whole lot of things.”

Sophomore Laura Clayton was “honored and thrilled” to have her poem, “Words,” published in the 2018 Bell Tower. “Writing is my expression of art,” she said, “so it was a lot of fun to be able to share that with fellow students and staff at TJC. If you like to write, draw, [or] paint, I highly encourage you to submit something.”

“It is such a wonderful thing if you do get published or selected to have on your resume [and] in your own personal bank of experiences as you’re applying to colleges and things like that,” said Minkel. “I think that would be great, and there’s obviously no harm in trying …  The only time you’re going to grow is when you’re feeling uncomfortable.”

Submission forms can be downloaded online at https://www.tjc.edu/belltower. Minkel also has printed copies available for students in her office, Jenkins Hall 173. Completed forms may be turned in at the Humanities, Communications and Fine Arts in Jenkins Hall through Nov. 8.

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