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Successful walk-on for TJC prepares for upcoming season

Cade Clark was in high school just last year, but came to Tyler Junior College and made the basketball team as a walk-on.

“Cade is a great kid. I’m proud to have him on my team,” said Coach Mike Marquis, TJC men’s head basketball coach.

Clark will be playing power forward during his time at TJC.

“I am very proud to be playing for Coach Marquis. I’ve known him for the past few years now, and it’s an honor to be playing for him,” Clark said.

Clark couldn’t have been more excited when he found out that he made the team.

“I was pretty happy because a lot of my friends are on the team, and it’s a good group of guys to be associated with,” Clark said, who graduated from Whitehouse High School.

After the team had such a great season last year, Clark feels like they could have another great season this year. The returning players have been helping him learn everything he needs to know for the upcoming season.

“With the returning players helping me out, I believe we could have just as good or better season then they had last year,” Clark said.

With the team working together Clark has no doubt that they are able to be a championship team.

“I definitely think that we could be a championship team. I mean we’ve only been playing together for a month and we already have a lot of good chemistry. Coach expects a lot out of us, and we expect a lot out of our selves,” Clark said.

Coming to TJC Clark had no worries at all, since he’s known Coach Marquis through the past years.

“I’ve known Coach for the past four years. He’s a cool guy to play for, and I like his coaching style,” Clark said.

Clark is biology major, and he plans to go into pre-med to be a doctor.

Clark finds that playing basketball at the Junior College level is great for any athlete.

“It’s great there’s good competition and it helps you stay in shape and I’m going to get my school paid for later,” Clark said.

Throughout Clark’s life he’s had role models to look up to. That would be his parents then Steven Hawking.

“Hawking has been able to come up with some of the greatest thinking of all time, and I really admire what he’s been able to do,” Clark said.

When he graduates TJC Clark hopes to play basketball at a different school and further his medical education.

“My main goal would be to do everything that I wanted to do, and know a lot about everything,” Clark said.

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