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Summer registration under way

The summer is approaching and for many Tyler Junior College students mean that it is time to register for summer school.

With deadlines creeping around the corner, paying attention to dates is advised.

“It is very important to be aware of deadline dates,” said Lead Academic Advisor Silvana Viekant. “If you miss the registration deadline then you end having to pay the $30 late registration fee.”

Online registration is encouraged, but for students who have a GPA of less than 2.0, are on scholastic probation, are non-TSI (Texas Success Initiative) complete or need to change their major, they must meet with an academic advisor before registering.

The summer courses that TJC offers are similar to courses offered in the fall and spring semester. All of the basics are offered, with classes that take place in the morning and evening. Online and video coursed are also offered. Students can receive a complete listing of summer courses by picking up a copy of the Summer 2008 registration guide.

Students that will be attending a college other than Tyler Junior College next semester are also encouraged to take summer courses at TJC.

The summer school semester has a Session 1, Session 2, and the returning Maymester. Maymester is a full semester’s worth of work squeezed into a four-week period. The Maymester classes meet two hours a day Monday through Friday from May 14 until Jun 4.

“The Maymester is basically a quick way to get a class out of the way,” said Vierkant.

In these fast-paced summer courses, dedication is required for success.

An important deadline date approaching is July 1, which is the deadline to apply for a summer degree. Students completing requirements at the end of a summer term must meet with an academic advisor by July 1 in order to graduate.

The advisors at Tyler Junior College offer advising on a walk-in or appointment basis. For more information contact TJC advisors at 903-510-2425.

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