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Take time to brighten someone’s day

As college students, we are stressed out, pushed to our limits, sleep-deprived,half-starving, and surviving on Starbucks and Red Bulls. If that isn’t enough on our plates, we have to deal with the careless, rude attitudes of fellow students around us too concerned with their lives to realize that they almost shut a door in our face,they almost ran over us as we walked across the crosswalk, or they scowl and avoid our gaze as if fire was flashing from them. However, we, too, can be guilty of doing all the same things, because we are too consumed in getting somewhere or finishing something.

Why is it that we feel like we can’t smile at anyone who isn’t a friend, teacher or acquaintance? Men, why aren’t you courteous? Women, where are your manners?

The thing is, we are all experiencing, to some degree, what other students around us are facing. We share classes with others who have to do the same work,and may even be stuck on the same parts of the homework as us. We aren’t the only ones starving, close to broke, dealing with family issues or having trouble getting financial aid all in order.

With out a doubt, all of us need that little something to perk up our day when we are lonely, overloaded with homework and too busy to relax and keep our heads on straight.

No, we can’t make everyone around us treat us better, and turn the campus into a heaven-on-earth setting, but we sure do need to give it our best shot to help out our fellow TJC classmates.

Try to smile and say, “Good morning,” or “How’s it going?” Some of the smallest details can make someone’s downward countenance smile a little and walkaway with their head held up high.

Give a compliment. Who can stay crabby when someone walks up and tells them they like their shoes, or they think their hair-do is nice, or their tattoo is super artistic and creative? Don’t be afraid that giving a compliment may be taken like a “turn on”, or a lame excuse to get a date. The person will take it the right way when the compliment is given with a smile and enthusiastic attitude.

Help a struggling classmate. Granted, there are just some concepts that someone gets better than us. When we see someone in that situation and we know we have a handle on that particular subject, we can offer a couple tips. After class,don’t be afraid to walk up and say, “Hey, you know what help me was doing this.”What comes around goes around. They will be more willing to reciprocate and give help to us at a point when we are confused.

Give out an extra scantron. We have all studied for a test, and let the small detail of bringing a scantron to the test fall out of our brains. So, when we see someone without one, we can slip them one to help ease their stress.

It doesn’t matter what the small act of kindness is. It is necessary for surviving the college days.

And who doesn’t themselves feel a smile tugging at their lips when they know they’ve done something to brighten someone’s day?

Sometimes there’s no better cure for the college blues than for us to stop, look around and just find someone else who can also use a dose of good-old fashioned kindness.


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