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Teacher receives prestigious Piper Award


By Irving Marmolejo
News Editor
Tyler Junior College government professor, Dr. Monoucher Khosrowshahi, received a prestigious Piper Award as a result of his outstanding scholarly achievement.
“I feel that the honor is for my college, colleagues and students,” said Dr. Khosrowshahi.
The Piper Professor Award was given by the San Antonio-based Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation to 15 statewide recipients; Dr. Khosrowshahi is one of them.
For more than five decades the Piper Foundation has awarded professors for their dedication and their outstanding scholarly achievement in their teaching profession. During a TJC meeting with the Board of Trustees on Thursday, May 27, the award was presented to the government professor. TJC President, Dr. Mike Metke, gave the Piper award to Dr. Khosrowshahi.
“Teaching is a privilege, and I am privileged to teach at Tyler Junior College,” said Dr. Khosrowshahi.
More prestigious than the Piper Award is the notorious academic career of Dr. Khosrowshahi. He has been teaching at TJC for more than 20 years, and his devotion to education led him to offer online courses since 1995.
He conducts technology training sessions for faculty and students all around the country. Dr.Khosrowshahi also received three post-doctoral fellowships from the University of Texas at Austin, Rice University and the United States Institute of Peace and his Ph. D from the University of North Texas in Denton.
Along with academic achievements, Dr. Khosrowshahi has been an advisor to the U.S. States Department, the National Security Education Program of Defense Department and Department of Education. Last year the city of Tyler awarded him with the Martin Luther King Jr. Award for Non-Violent Social Change. The National Institute for Staff and Organization Development (NISOD) has recognized Dr. Khosrowshahi eight times as a Master Teacher.
Dr. Khosrowshahi is respected and admired in Tyler Junior College and as a result he was selectedEndowed Chair for Teaching Excellence and the Mattie Alice Scroggin Baker Excellence in Teaching Award. The Tyler Junior College Student Senate has recognized the excellent scholarly achievement of Dr. Khosrowshahi by giving him the Excellence in Education Award on two different occasions.
“Without a good support system in my college and my students’ motivation, I would not have been able to bring the Piper Award to my college,” said Dr. Khosrowshahi.
Dr. Khosrowshahi is a global education expert with experience in the Middle East, Far East and Near East. He has traveled to Turkey, England, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Iran and Germany as part of his research in International education.
He is well educated in languages such as Farsi, Arabic, Azeri and Modern Turkish and English. He is partnering with many universities and colleges in the name of education in order to launch travel/study programs in Turkey with the University of Texas at Tyler, Sam Houston State University, Dallas Community College and Johnson County Community College. He also has been selected speaker for the National Endowment for Humanities affiliate and the Texas Council for the Humanities.


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