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The Birds & The Bees

College not only serves as a place to get a degree but also a place to find a person’s significant other. On campus there is an array of young men and women who are ready to experience life in one way or another. Depending on the person he or she may be ready for a relationship, want just the relations without the ‘ship’ or they may want to remain friends. Some students may have a hard time distinguishing between the three. If you are the person that’s ready for a relationship, here’s how you win your man or woman.

Determine what catches your eye:

Though it may seem shallow, appearance is everything. Keeping yourself up and maintaining good hygiene is one of the most important things a person can do. Guys and girls determine whether or not a person is attractive by just a small glance. Within three seconds people can determine if you’re worth a second look.

Glenda Alvarado, a sophomore at TJC, expressed just what it takes for a young man to catch her eye. “Appearance. It sounds shallow but that’s what catches my eye first.”

Chris Plummer said “beautiful hair and nice eyes,” catch his eye while Arshay Taylor said his preference was,  “A smile, I like women with beautiful teeth.”

Others like Carlos Garcia, sophomore, said, “If you’re beautiful then I’m like, I have to speak.”

Characteristics are the main things people look for in a person:

Once people figure out the person that they are looking at has the appearance they’re longing for, they move on to personality. Personality is a big part of the process. College students say that personality can determine whether they make the next move or not.

Taylor likes for his girls to display who they really are in the very beginning. “Be yourself…if you’re corny come at me being corny.”

 Emily Ellis, freshman at TJC said, “I need someone that can make me laugh and who’s a gentleman.”

 Martin Rodriguez sophomore said  “I want to see what she’s like, her personality and the way she can act in front of me, and see if she’s not afraid to act like herself.”

Know the difference:

Many college students may define college as the time to have fun while some see it as an opportunity to find their life long partners or something close to it.

“You got girls that let you go on the first night, then you have girls that give you that time to where you can make them your girlfriend. You’ll pretty much know though,” said DeAndre Simmons, sophomore.

“It just depends on what girl you go after if you see one with like a booty or something then your first thought will be I just want to hook up with her, but if you see someone sophisticated and dressed nicely than you’ll think about her in more of a relationship type way,” said Garcia.

Some like Chris Horace, sophomore, said “My girlfriend would be the one to isolate herself from others, study, be alone, know when to say hi and give hugs,” said Horace.

Know when to move on:

Ever sit beside the guy who just got a text and starts ranting about it because it wasn’t the person he wanted to hear from?  Don’t be that person on the other end.

There are most certainly times when someone wishes they could read the opposite sex’s mind.

If a person is ignoring your text, calls or even you…let it go. Student’s say they don’t want to be mean so ignoring them may be the best possible outcome.

Billy Tompkins sophomore said,  “I just make my conversation short with them and they’ll get it sooner or later.”

“I just ignore them,” said Natalie Cornelio

For others that approach seems a little harsh.

Sean Hawthorne said “I usually let them know because I know that not talking to them anymore is mean and you know that just leaves them confused.”

“Be nice but you have to get straight to the point you cant beat around the bush because then they’ll think your trying to do something else with them,” said Garcia

 Its human nature for people to be attracted to ones they can’t have, some people just have to know when to move on

Be yourself:

When a person doesn’t think being himself or herself is enough, they often result to trying to change themselves to get someone to notice them. Students at TJC don’t respond well to pretenders.

 “Don’t look desperate try to be my friend first…even though a girls pretty I still get to know them before I think about dating them.” said Hawthorne.

Garcia said, “just be yourself, I’d appreciate you being yourself then being someone your not.”

 Most importantly as Ellis said, “be confident but not cocky.”

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