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The effects of DACA on TJC students

Although a resolution towards the situation for the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA, has not been made yet, the government is still working to make a final decision. A decision that, within just a few months, can effect some of our own students who are DACA recipients.

Heidy Soto, a Dental Hygiene student at TJC, has been a DACA recipient for five years. Three of those years she has been a student here at TJC. This is a great example of how this permit has brought great young minds into this country.

Ever since she was awarded the permit, Heidy has taken full advantage of it. With great involvement in High School, she continued showing her passion for her education at TJC.  Some of her accomplishments include receiving the presidential honors scholarship, holding an officer position at Phi Theta Kappa, and many others to come.

Like Heidy, the other “Dreamers” that have been award this permit also have a great potential to become leaders in this country. This permit is not granted to everyone that applies for it.

“I believe that the people that are granted DACA are mostly students that want to get a degree and better themselves,” said Heidy. “I feel like the population that does have it is helping the country.”

Receiving DACA does not give this group of people nationality, however it does allow them to attain a Driver’s License, a Social Security Number, and a work permit, which gives these group of people a lot of opportunities to succeed in this country.

The thought of the government taking this permit away does not cross Heidy’s mind often, however the thought is still there.

“There’s times when I get worried,” said Heidy, “But I feel like the government sees the benefit of DACA, because of the process that you go trough.”

Some of the requirements to apply to this program include being enrolled in high school, a graduate, or working on obtaining a GED certificate. Applicants cannot have been convicted of a felony, a significant misdemeanor, or three or more minor misdemeanors. These along with other requisites are available at uscis.gov.

The government will soon make a decision on this policy that may affect hundreds, if not, thousands of students.

“I know there is a real a commitment of solving the DACA challenge,” said Paul Ryan, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

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