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The Trumpiarchy

I would like it known that I am neither pro-Trump nor pro-Hillary. In fact, I’m more anti-Hillary than not-pro-Trump. But I’d prefer neither of them. So, with this written piece about my worries of Trump, I have to compare him to the other Republican candidates.

First, I must clarify that a lot of evidence points to Donald merely being a pawn by the Clintons. Trump has been great friends with the Billary for years, and has claimed to agree with them for years…. Until recently. Also, only a few weeks before Trump’s announcement that he was running for president, Donald received a private phone call from Bill Clinton about “encouraging his influence in the Republican presidency.”

Although normally, this COULD simply just be a regular phone call between friends, but the Clintons have done this before. Back in 1996, they had (for lack of better words) hired another wealthy businessman with a big mouth to play as a Republican puppet merely to take away the votes from the candidates who might actually be able to have a chance to defeat Bill, his name was Ross Perot.

Anyway, let’s now talk about Trump’s views. Clearly, ONLY building a wall on our Southernmost border isn’t the answer to our economy. Now, building a new border that is easier to control would definitely help, but it has to be paired with the process of becoming a legal citizen being easier. Deporting all of the illegal immigrants, along with all of their children, is not the answer, whatsoever. The population of illegal immigrants in the US (although hard to know for certain) is estimated to be up to 11.5 million. If we were to deport 11.5 million people, most of which are willingly doing a lot of the hard jobs that most of us aren’t willing to do, our economy will plummet. Although here technically illegally, our workforce wouldn’t survive having 11.5 million workers deported.

Lastly, here is a defense of Donald. He is a businessman. A very, very successful one, at that. Although he has claimed bankruptcy four times, many speculate that he simply used that as a business ploy to further his actually successful businesses. And whether we wish to admit it or not, the American government is nothing more than a huge business. We need someone who can manage this ‘business’ successfully.

Now that you’ve heard my opinion, you should read up some more facts for yourself and come up with your own opinion.

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