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There’s more to TJC’s Phi Theta Kappa


A common misconception of Phi Theta Kappa is that it is a club full of over-achieving nerds that do nothing all day but study.

“We’re just normal students that have high GPAs,” said Ca- price Maxie, current Phi Theta Kappa member. “We just do a little extra because we really want to make a difference for our futures, and for our school.”

Phi Theta Kappa is the National Honor Society for junior and community colleges. It began as a Society that originated with six charter members, originally called Kappa Phi Omicron, started in 1910 at Stephens College in Columbia, Mo. PTK was confined to women’s junior colleges in the first six years of activ

ity, but in 1924 through constitutional amendment, the Society spread to all junior colleges throughout the nation.

The TJC chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is called Alpha Omicron. They have received numerous awards, have a Five-Star status, and are also holding various positions on national and re- gional boards. It is an invitation-only organization that expects members to maintain scholastic excellence throughout the stu

dent’s entire college career. To become a lifetime international member it cost $45, but at TJC the fee for membership is $80. Once the fee is paid and the application process is complete, the student is an official member. Being a part of PTK is an excellent addition to have on a resume for any student who wants to trans- fer to a four-year university. It gives its members community ser– vice experience and enriching life lessons that can be taken with them long after they graduate from their Alma Maters.

Another PTK member/ former Co-Vice President of Fellowship, Josey Gonzalez said, “It’s humbling to be in Phi Theta Kappa, but it’s something, like if you were completely anti-social in the beginning, that’s got to end. That’s really what helped me break out of my shell. 


It’s just something you get to be a part of to better yourself even without you really knowing it, so it’s really awesome to be on it.”

Doing trash pickups at least twice a month is just one of the many things around campus PTK helps out with. They volunteer during Breast Cancer Awareness month by helping with the Komen Race for the Cure, and other non-profit organizations throughout the year.

“It’s really fun to get the group together on community ser– vice events. Sometimes we volunteer for the Salvation Army and serve brunch,” said Gonzalez.

Even though the members do a lot of community service, it is not a requirement to stay an active affiliate. It is however, required to maintain a 3.5 grade-point average or higher, and though that may be quite a bit of hard work, membership pays off with scholarships to all the eligible members.

“It’s no cake walk,” said Maxie, “you really have to take school seriously.” Members have to be responsible, organized, and most of all on top of things.

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