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TJC apache football team has chance for playoffs

After the homecoming win, TJC’s apache football team is now leading the Southwest Conference with a 4-1 record. If the football team keeps up our winning streak we have a fighting chance for playoffs and possibly the National Championship game.

According to sophomore defensive lineman Fallah Popeh there is a chance to go all the way.” I think the [our] team does have a playoff chance because even [though] we started out the season rough we’ve ended it off with four wins and one loss to Kilgore [so far],” Popeh said.

So far, Tyler is the only team in the conference with four wins, and to proceed to playoffs they must win against Kilgore College. As of now, we don’t officially know if the team will advance but the decision is decided by the NJCAA

“based off of our rankings throughout the season and other teams rankings [in different] conferences,” Popeh said.

Obviously the apaches have had an outstanding season so far but, no matter what the outcome, we will always have their back.

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