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TJC foucuses efforts on Achieving The Dream

Texas, along with many other states, has a problem with students enrolling and succeeding into higher education.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the 1960s, one in five college students dropped out before receiving their degree. In 2000, the dropout rate rose to every one in three students.

Achieving The Dream is a program that is trying to help students complete developmental courses and move successfully into college-level courses. The Achieving The Dream grant will supply approximately $450,000 in order to help colleges plan and implement student success strategies.

According to achievingthedream.com, 83 colleges and 15 states are making Achieving the Dream a program at their school. The plan works successfully by receiving data from each school and using it to monitor progress. They break down the data by race, age and income level to better understand and close performance gaps so that they can be successful and continue their education.

TJC has looked at this Achieving The Dream program, and they are writing a proposal to get this grant for the school.

“We have identified that it is something that we want to apply for and get here at TJC,” Dr. Fernando Figueroa, dean of university studies, said.

According to Dr. Homer “Butch” Hayes, TJC Provost, the proposal for the grant is due Feb. 27, and they should know within 30 days after the set due date whether or not TJC received the grant.

“At my previous institution we had the Achieving The Dream program, and it worked very, very well. It helps us to focus on evidence to see the students outcome and to help them achieve a higher learning,” Dr. Hayes said.

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