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TJC Gives Hearts Away

TMFH Art at Heart-2

Dulce Flores

Photo Editor

Tyler Junior College was well-represented by three professors of art and a former student who gave life to pieces of fiberglass heart-shaped sculptures for the opening of “Louis & Peaches Heart Hospital.”

The hearts meant to be painted by local artists and auctioned off as a fundraiser for the opening of the region’s first heart hospital. The hearts were 32” h x 32’ w x 4’ d and heighted 50 pounds each approximately.

“It’s a great honor. It’s nice to be recognized as an area artist,” said Derrick White, art professor at TJC and local artist who was asked to be part of this project. “It was fun to work on a 3- dimensional piece.”

“It’s really nice that the community involve art,” said Chris Stewart, art professor at TJC and artist who was involved in this project as well.

Stewart called his heart “Ode to Albrecht Durer’ and used charcoal to make it look a piece on black and white with a bird image.

Philana Pace, professor of art at TJC was contacted to be one more artist being part of the project. She could not decide only on one design so she preferred to paint two hearts that represent both faith and loyalty. She used paint, spray paint, and paint markers, a technique she had never used before.

On one of the Mrs. Pace’s designs she painted birds to represent different perspectives in life. The other sculpture had dog images. These two sculptures are called “Practicing Eternity” and “Virtuous Circles.”

“For the heart hospital I thought [the design of birds] it was a good thing because they had to have so many perspectives to help someone heal from that tough situation,” Pace said. “I used dog images because they are humble of the Earth and loyal.”

There were 9 hearts total auctioned off and they had bids ranging from $800-$5000 each. The hospital had the open house on Dec. 8 that included tours and giveaways and opened for patient care on Dec. 15, 2012.

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