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TJC golf teams ready for action

TJC’s men’s and women’s golf teams are ready to take a swing at the second half of their seasons by picking up where they left off in the fall semester.

In the fall, both men and women were first place three times out of the five times they played.

They are led by TJC alum and head coach, Sandy Terry. The highlight of Terry’s seven years at TJC was leading the men’s golf team to a national championship in the year 2003. He said he feels confident about this year’s teams.

“I don’t have any ‘one man shows’ on this team,” said Terry. “They all have made great contributions to help this team get where they need to be.”

The golf team practices weekly, meeting at 1:30pm and leave at 5:30 pm and have five tournaments to prepare them for national tournaments.

“It’s all about the mindset you have during the practices,” said player Daniel Gibbins. “The harder you work the more confidence you will have during the game.”

The TJC golf team also looks forward to the competition they have coming up this spring. Rivals such as Lon Morris and Paris look to upset this Apache golf team.

“You need to be confident in the game. When you are playing teams like Lon Morris and Paris, yes, I get nervous but when the game starts and I get started, you best believe it will be on,” said player Jackqueline Lujan.

“I’ll be pumped up when it comes to playing rivals like Lon Morris, you have to be extra ready. But all at the same time, it makes it even more fun competing against them,” said Gibbins.

Terry is now looking for his second national championship with the Apaches this Spring.

“There is a lot of competition, and there are great teams. I want us to win the national championship but what I do want for us is to do is compete and have fun,” said Terry. “We have an excellent staff, The assistant coach, Jess Hamilton, is an excellent at his job. He is another reason for the success we are having now. I really do love coaching this TJC golf team.”

The TJC golf team is focusing on the 2008 National Tournament as well.

“It’s all about taking one step at time when it comes to winning the national championship. We still have a long time when it comes to winning the tournament so we have to focus on the games we got before then,” said Gibbins.

“If we continue to set our minds to the games that we play, I feel confident enough that we can win the National Championship hands down,” said Lujan.

The TJC men’s and women’s golf teams start the second part of their seasons March 3 with a two-day tournament at Eagle’s Bluff Country Club in Bullard. For more information visit the tennis teams’ pages on http://www.apacheathletics.com or call Coach Sandy Terry at 903-510-2314.

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