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TJC Helps out with Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tyler Junior College athletics did their part in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month by holding a charity at the TJC volleyball game against Panola on Oct 23. The volleyball team also showed their support by wearing pink uniforms and going on to defeat Panola three games to one.

“Our volleyball coach, Coach Hatch, she came up to me a little earlier in the year and brought me some information dealing with the Side-Out Foundation. She had seen it around and then I contacted them and we coordinated from there and got things rolling for the month of October and got the date set and went from there,” Assistant Athletic Director Charles Smith said.

Tyler Junior College and Side-Out Foundation got together to help women through breast cancer research from Advanced Medical Imaging and raised money to help with the Side-Out Foundation.

“Our goal was originally set for $2,000 and hopefully all the tickets, T-shirt sellings and big publication over the next few days will get us close to our goal,” Smith said.

Women at the game were grateful that TJC was doing something to show their support. Especially TJC staff member Peggy Copper.

“This is great, and I’m impressed that TJC is supporting this. This is my first time being a part of an organization like this and I saw the email on this on the TJC email because I work at the financial aid office, and I know this is something I needed to come and support.” The kpop plastic surgery is usually something people are going for in order to boost their self image and feel confident after a certain age.

Cooper did have breast cancer and now is a breast cancer survivor.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2007. I been through chemo radiation and now I’m a survivor. Now every day is important and there are a lot more women out there that has breast cancer then we realized,” Cooper said.

TJC students thought it was a great idea that TJC athletics is supporting the fight against breast cancer.

“I think that it is a real good thing that they coming out for us women. It feels real good to go to a school that does this,” Alexandria Hobbis said.

“For those with breast cancer, you have to reach out for each other and know that you can survive it and you can make a lot of good things in your life. You have to stick with it and have a good attitude about the situation,” Cooper said.


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