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TJC offering WiFi in parking lots to students who need it

Tyler Junior College is providing Wi-Fi for those who do not have good access to it by providing Wi-Fi in parking lots S4, F3, F4 and F5 for students to work in their cars.

“TJC is very aware of the hardship these recent events have put on our students,” said Jeff Hassett, chief information officer at TJC. “Many students live in areas where good Wi-Fi and/or cellular service is not possible or are in financial situations where they relied on the school’s resources to complete their online coursework.”

The service is available 24/7, but support hours are limited. From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m Monday-Friday, TJC will have a staff technician at the help desk in the Vaughan Library for assisting students if they need help with Wi-Fi connections. Students can also call the IT help desk number at 903-510-3269 during those same hours.

Hassett said getting access to the internet from a car will be the same as indoors.

“Students in those parking lots will see the same Wi-Fi networks that you currently see inside of campus buildings,” Hassett said. “Campus signs indicating Wi-Fi hotspots will be posted so students will know which lots have this service.”

Student and faculty health and safety have already been taken into consideration with creating these Wi-Fi spots.

“Security of both staff and students are paramount,” Hassett said. “If large groups of 10 or more are gathered outside of their vehicles or people are observed violating the social distancing restrictions, they will be reminded and asked to return to their vehicles.”

Hassett added TJC is currently working on more resources for students.

“We continue to bring as many services available remotely as we can,” Hassett said. “We recommend that anyone with questions about student services at TJC visit the website for all the latest information.”

Hassett explained TJC had been in the works for improving their Wi-Fi for the outdoors.

“Campus leadership has been discussing the challenges of student access due to COVID19 related restrictions and asked what we could do to allow for Wi-Fi hotspots and keep appropriate restrictions in place,” Hassett said. “This conversation naturally led to utilizing parking spaces as potential. We were able to move quickly on this because equipment had already been secured for our campus project.”

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