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TJC presents: “Passing Through”

This theatre season is character driven with themes of family and love. All of the plays that have been chosen for the 2008-2009 season encompass the American Tapestry and showcasing the American life.

“Passing Through” by Peter John Bailey is about a woman named Sarah Carson, a widow from WWII, who contemplates selling her late husband’s dry goods store and following her dream of becoming a novelist when she meets Walter Dobbins, a much younger soldier passing through the town of Catesville, Kansas. Though there is a fairly decent age difference, Sarah and Walter know immediately they are kindred spirits. Their love grows quickly and spontaneously.

“The show is set against one of the turning points in American history,” Becky Faulds, director and Speech and Theatre instructor, said.

“I want the actors to paint the picture – to be the vehicle. We will be using only a few props,” Faulds said. “The two lead characters will both be played by freshmen.”

“Sarah Carson is a challenge because she is quite subtle yet strong to the core. I personally am not a very subtle person, and it is a challenge to bring that out,” Allison Pharr, who will be playing Sarah Carson, said.

“The text is simple, yet unique. There is a lot of emotion behind the text, and you have to be willing to dig deeper,” Jake Smith, who plays the soldier, said.

After being wounded in the war, Walter returns home to Texas and Sarah decides to visit him. When she arrives, their age and other differences may be too much for Sarah to handle anymore.

“It is a story about two people who share the same spirit dealing with the war within them and overcoming it,” Faulds said.

“Passing Through” will run Oct. 8-12 in the Jean Browne Theatre located in the Wise Cultural Arts Center. Tickets are on sale now for $5. For reservations call, (903) 510-2212.

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