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TJC readies for annual Spring Fling

It is almost time for the annual Spring Fling, and many students are waiting in anticipation for what’s in store.

“For students this is the last horrah for them before they leave for the summer,” said Vincent Nguygen, director of Student Life and Involvement.

This is one of the times where Tyler Junior College’s AAC (Apache Activities Council) puts together activities to entertain students and bring fun to the student life, such as a concert and events like the Olympics.

“This year, we are making the annual Spring Fling a month long just to give the students something to do before finals,” said Justin Huery, president of AAC.

The annual Spring Fling started as early as 1995 and has become a tradition for TJC to help lessen the end-of-the-year stress on students.

“This is an opportunity to make students get involved,” said student Taylar Belt.

On April 1, the AAC will start off the Spring Fling with a concert featuring Christian-rock band Switchfoot whose songs include, “Meant to Live” and “Dare You to Move” and hip-hop/rap duo The New Boyz whose songs include “Tie Me Down” and “You’re a Jerk.”

Doors will open at 7 p.m. with performances starting at 7:30 p.m. in the Wise Auditorium with no cost to TJC students with a valid student ID.

The performers were chosen by students on campus through surveys and asking students at school events, such as at basketball games.

“We wanted to make the experience as diverse as possible to make all students feel comfortable,” said Huery.

Also, several other activities will take place throughout the month including, dances and an outdoor concert in front of the RSC on March 30 with Christian-rock band Ember.

“Although there is no set schedule, we will have events all during the month of April,” said Nguygen.

On April 17, the AAC will also hold a TJC Olympics starting around 1 p.m. and ending around 5 p.m.

The Olympics is a four- to five-hour event hosted on Saturday, which includes a 100-yard dash, sack races, dating seminars and food.

Students can sign up for this event at the Student Life Office starting the first week in April or the day of the Olympics.

“This is the last event of the Spring Fling and we are going to be giving away… prizes,” said Nguygen.

This includes a Playstation 3 for one lucky student.

Although some may wonder how students find out about such activities, the AAC has many ways to reach out to students.

“TJC sends out texts through Apache Access, posters, flyers and word of mouth,” said Huery.

This outreach to students seems to have made a difference, because the previous Spring Fling seemed to have good attendance.

“The past annual Spring Fling has had great turnouts, free food and music for TJC students,” said Nguygen.

In addition, last semester TJC offered crawfish and barbeque for the students and even opened the activities up to the public.

“The Spring Fling is exciting and it feels good to know that students have something to do on campus,” said Belt.

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