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TJC reinstates ‘Maymester’

For the first time in four years, Tyler Junior College will offer ‘Maymester’ courses this summer.

Maymester is a compressed class schedule of four weeks. The compressed timeline allows a student to get, a semester’s worth or credits for the class in a shorter time period, but not without the work.

“These classes aren’t for everyone. These classes will take a more dedicated student because, you are doing a semester’s worth of work, in a four week period.” said Dr. Fernando Figueroa, dean of University Studies at TJC.

Despite the intensive structure of the course however, Figueroa said the turnout is expected to be good.

The name Maymester just comes from the month that most of the classes in the Maymester take place. The Maymester starts on May 14. Registration begins on March 14 and ends on May 4.

“This is not a replacement to summer school which begins in June after the Maymester,” said Figueroa. “This is an opportunity for students who are looking to transfer in the fall to a four-year school to get a few more credits if they don’t have the time to wait and go through the six weeks of summer school.”

Most of the classes being offered are general education class at this time and no remedial classes are offered in the Maymester.

Many of the classes will be in the form of online classes in addition to face-to-face classes.

For more information on the available classes contact the registrar or go to Apache Access or contact your academic advisor.

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