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TJC Selecting a new Police Chief

Sharae CorbinNews Editor

TJC’s main priority has always been student success and campus safety, and they are upholding that tradition this fall by bringing in a new Chief of Police.

“I rewrote the job description.” Chambers said. “It’s going to be changed from Director of campus Safety to Chief of police [to] make it a more traditional framework of a traditional police department.” The new Chief has not been chosen as of yet, but with a big position comes big expectations. “I hope they come with fresh new ideas and I always want someone with lots of law enforcement experience.” Chambers said. “It’s different in a college environment.. I’m looking for someone who has already been in higher education and has law enforcement experience. I need somebody who knows how to deal with college kids because they [need] to have fun.”

As the Chief of Police his or her duties consist of overseeing “five sargents…[and also being in charge of] permits, identification cards, and the other section which is dispatch” Chambers said. With a new Chief of Police, TJC is also bringing in new rules and changes that will “make it fun to be [on]  campus from the police side.”. The new rules and changes that the Chief will be enforcing consist of new parking permits, a new lanyard policy that consists of a possible $25 ticket if not worn, and lastly new parking lots are in the works.

If you’re wondering who the lucky chief will be…there isn’t one particular prospect as of yet due to a lengthy interview process and the number of applicants. “There’s no shoe-ins. Chambers said. “With school starting my focus is on the safety of the kids.”

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