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TJC shines in the TIPA Convention

Six competitors, two days, one conference, over 500 attendees, but we still succeed.

On March 22nd, and 23rd, members of the independent student media of Tyler Junior College, The Drumbeat, represented the school in the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) held in Dallas, TX.

Departing from Tyler on Thursday, and competing that same day, the six competitors were able to have a winning attitude and shine in various contests throughout both days.

Quentin Smith, Broadcast Director, placed 2nd in TV Sports Writing, with an outstanding news package, showing why he is the broadcasting director in the DrumBeat.

Nick White, a nationally ranked speech and debater, made his own impact placing 1st in TV announcing, and make a difference for the future students being recognize by Sgt. David Crowley on social media.

Our very own Online Editor, Anna Graves, placed 1st in TV Advertising. And our Student Life Editor, Hannah Horton, had an Honorable Mention in Critical Review contest.

With short attendance, one contestant had to adapt and participate in contests that he didn’t have an idea he’d compete in. Johnathan Figueroa stepped up to compete in six different events.

TIPA gave the DrumBeat staff plenty of experience and recognition, which we will now share and embrace as we continue to inform and impact the TJC community.

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