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TJC surveillance system keeps campus safe


Ever heard of the saying “Big Brother is watching?” At TJC, hundreds of cameras are monitoring every move and action. The cameras are used by Campus Safety to maintain security and help students feel safer.

“There are approximately 266 cameras here on TJC’s campus and all of the cameras are in public, open areas so that they don’t infringe on first amendment right,” said Randy Melton, director of Campus Safety.

This past August, the video captured by a security camera (look here) was essential in the investigation of a stolen laptop from Bateman Hall, and helped Campus Security catch the thief, Melton said.

Almost a year and a half ago, TJC switched from analog cameras to digital cameras in order to improve the quality of the videos.  According to Melton there are now plans to add even more cameras around the campus.

“The cameras helped us recently identify all the parties responsible in a fight at the cafeteria,” said Tom Johnson, executive director of Campus Safety. “We were able to distinguish who threw the first punch and they (video footage) gave us reliable information instead of us (Campus Safety) questioning the friends of the perpetrators.”

Some students feel more at ease with the surveillance cameras on campus.

“I like the idea of somebody watching over me, that way if someone picks on me I know somebody is watching and they could get that person.” Said Candice Lowe, addiction alcohol council major.

Lowe said it feels as if there is an “Eye in the sky.”


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