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TJC Theatre Department brings ‘Othello’ to East Texas

The Tyler Junior College Theatre Department will be performing the play “Othello” at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 19-22 at the Jean Brown Theatre. There will be an additional showing at 2:30 p.m. on Feb. 22.
“This is the first time TJC’s ever done ‘Othello.’ In fact, we think it’s the only production of ‘Othello’ in East Texas,” said Denise Weatherly-Green, a professor of theatre at TJC. “For us, the play is about differences and whether one embraces differences or rejects them.”
The play follows the character of Iago and his eventual downfall.
“Iago is a disgruntled guy who takes out his misery on everyone else,” Weatherly-Green said. “He allows his jealousy to grow to where eventually he brings everyone down. The title of the play is ‘Othello,’ but it is really Iago’s story.”
Although the play has been cut down to two hours instead of four, that doesn’t mean Shakespeare’s dialogue will be changed.
“It is still the same eloquent language,” Weatherly-Green said. “As a Shakespeare enthusiast, it is painful for me to cut the script because every word to me is important. However, I want my audience to stay engaged at every moment.”
Weatherly-Green is also excited to see the production design for the play.
“This will be the first production where I will not be designing the scenery; Professor Jacob Davis is instead,” Weatherly-Green said. “He’s designed a spiral-trimmed curtain that will physically mesh the characters. With lighting, it will look stunning for the audience.”

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