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Track and Field club comes to TJC

Tyler Junior College is known for numerous things, and one of those things is sports. Those who are associated with TJC, are familiar with all the sports that are offered. Now a new addition to TJCs list of sports is the track club.

Although the club is not yet an official team, and will not be participating in any events due to funding for the semester, this gives the students more time to get ready and be prepared, and start training for the next season.

“By establishing the track club, this will give the team time to compete and better themselves for university level,” said Brian Stephenson, TJC track coach.

Stephenson has been coaching track for seven years, three of those being at high school level and the other four at college level.

“I wanted to help and give them the opportunity that they wouldn’t have. I can branch out, and give them hope,” said Stephenson.

Student Life helps fund the track club, hopefully in the upcoming fall, fundraisers can be held to earn money to participate in track meets, while also laying the ground for a future track team.

“I stress consistency in training. Athletes need a good level of dedication to make it to the next level,” said Stephenson.If interested in participating along with the track club athlete must be a TJC student, have a GPA over 2.0 and be dedicated to showing up to practice everyday.

For additional help, Coach Stephenson also asks athletes to bring a list of colleges they are interested in attending, so phone calls can be made and other information can be taken care of, for helping student get on track for universities.One student who met the requirements is, Bernard Jones who heard about the club around campus and also through his R.D and teammate Jeremy Guillory.

“I enjoy doing it because I’m very competitive,” said Jones, who has been an avid runner for four years. “My goal this season is to get back in shape and run for Sam Houston State in the near future. I like to run because I’m fast and nobody can catch me, I give 100 percent, and I push myself and motivate my teammates to do the same,” said Jones.

Practices are held at 5 p.m. every Monday – Thursday at Grace High School on University Road. The track club is absolutely free for students who are dedicated and willing to make an effort.

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