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Tradition and a whole lot of school spirit


In the Webster’s New Basic Dictionary, homecoming is summed up simply as a return to one’s home.  

To Betty Briggs, Director of Alumni Affairs, it is much more than simply returning for a reunion.

“This is another great opportunity to really showcase some of our great alums and what TJC did from them, and how they went on to help others,” said Briggs.

The TJC Alumni Homecoming is a two-day event through October 28-29 starting with the Alumni Awards Dinner and Dance at no charge. It begins at 6P.M. and will take place in the Rogers student center, in the Apache Rooms. 

“We also honor our community leaders who have supported TJC. We have an award for them called The Black and Gold Award.”

The recipients of the Black and Gold award this year are Margaret and James I. Perkins.  Among this award, the alumnis are also awarded The Distinguished Alumna Award, The Apache Spirit award, and the Special Recognition.

This year’s proud recipient of these awards are as followed; June Waller Murphy, class of ’54 for the distinguished alumna, Shirley McCorkle Mallory, class of ‘52 for the Apache Spirit for her dedicated time volunteering and supporting TJC, and Mary Jane McNamara ,class of ’42 will be awarded the Special Recognition award.

“We are very excited that this our 85th year. We have had some amazing alumnis that we’ve honored. A lot of people don’t know that it was Will Jennings who wrote ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from ‘Titanic’ is one of our alumnis and Chris Tomlin that’s like the number one gospel singer, male gospel singer. He’s one of ours.”

Events will open Saturday, October 29 at 10 A.M with the Brothers and Sisters from the years 1966-1986 reunion brunch.  The alumni tailgate party will follow; located at the TMF Rose Stadium parking lot, which will be catered by Spring Creek. Beginning at 12:30 P.M.- 2:30P.M., alumni members will be free of charge, but everyone is encouraged to visit and partake by paying an entrance fee of $10.

Walk the Rim will take place by the band, belles, and their Alumni. Homecoming Queen and King will be presented as a pregame show at 2 P.M.  All recognized organizations are encouraged to have a homecoming queen and king nominee. All nominees’ paperwork is due by Friday, Oct. 14 by 5 P.M.  Entry fee is $30 dollars per couple. Homecoming nominees must be full-time students and maintain an overall 2.0 GPA.  Voting will be taken on Monday, October 24 and Tuesday October 25 from 9 A.M. – 4 P.M. at the information desk located in the Rogers Student Center.   

The events beginning on October 26th will be geared toward all TJC students.

“The 85th is a big deal obviously. “In the past, they have gone more with a Apache related theme like One Drum, One Tribe, and Spirit Warrior. This year we are actually doing more of a disco theme, which is the staying alive 85. Similar to the Bee Gees’ song ‘Staying Alive’,” said Lauren Tyler, Coordinator of center for student life and involvement.

Amongst the many non-stop actives and continuing with the 70’s theme. October 26h the Roger student center Apache Rooms will open up their doors to “Rollin’ into the 70’s” by hosting a roller rink beginning at 8 P.M. and ending at 12 A.M. with a late night breakfast provided by the RSC cafe at 10 P.M.  

The Homecoming week will start off with this tradition beat at 8 A.M beginning on Monday October 24, and ending at 3 P.M. Saturday October 29th with the kick off for TJC vs Kilgore.

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