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TRiO helps TJC students in need

Students who may not have the advantages others have can turn to TRiO to help them climb the ladder of success.

To qualify, students must be enrolled at TJC and demonstrate financial need or disability, be a first generation college student or the child of parents without four-year degrees.

Students meeting one or more of these qualifications can apply for TRiO in the Support Services office located on the third floor of Rogers Student Center.

“We offer additional tutoring, computer labs and study areas where you can have tutors, also workshops, cultural events and campus visit,” said Mrs. Sligh, career and transfer adviser for the program.

TRiO helps students move on to four-year institutions and pursue higher education with workshop topics including transfer information, budgeting and scholarships. The TRiO computer lab, also located on the third floor of Rogers Student Center, allows students to work on anything school-related and offers extended hours. Tutoring is available for students who are struggling in a class.

“We are here to help students and watch them become successful,” said Renee Hawkins, project coordinator. “It is all about success.”

For more information, students can contact TRiO at 903-510-2395.

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