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Update: Tutoring is available for Summer I and II but not Maymester

Tutoring has always been an option for students to get extra help on their studies and in their classes. There will be changes in the tutoring department beginning with Maymester and summer courses.

The tutoring center will not be offering any tutoring services during the Maymester period.

“We have offered tutoring during Maymester in the past, but students did not utilize the services, so we have decided to let our tutors have a break,” said Danna Reed, tutoring coordinator at TJC.

All of the tutors are students themselves. They juggle full class loads, studying, families and other jobs.

“It’s not as busy during the summer as it is during the fall and spring because there aren’t as many classes offered and not as many students taking classes during the summer,” said Reed.

Tutoring will begin summer one and continue until the end of summer two. This will be June 2-Aug. 7.

Tutoring services will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday downstairs of Potter Hall. Students can go to schedule appointments or get information at Potter 110.

“One-on-one appointments and walk-ins will be available,” said Reed.

The wait time for walk-ins will depend on how many students need assistance for that day. One tutor will help several students in a day so it all depends on how much assistance each student requires.

“I went to tutoring for business calculus in the spring and it was helpful,” said Meagan Mitchell, business major.

Students can begin to sign-up for tutoring services beginning June 2 in Potter Hall 110. The writing center is also located on the second floor of the library where additional tutoring is offered.

They are accepting new tutors for the fall upon approval of an application that must be turned in by Aug. 1.

The completion of two semesters are desired but not required. If chosen, students will be given an interview in August and they will attend new tutor training as well.


GPA of 3.2

High school graduate or GED

Enrolled at TJC for 6 hours

A in the course you want to tutor

Willing to tutor 2 semesters

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