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Twenty players voted to make All-Conference Team

After coming up short to reach the playoffs, the Tyler Junior College Apache football team is going back to the drawing board at get ready for Spring Training. But not all Apaches went empty-handed for the season.

There were a handful of players who made the All-Conference team.

To make the All-Conference team, the coaches go by how well the players perform in each game they play.

Other coaches from other teams votes on the players that were nominated from their own coach by position.

If a player gets at least one vote from another coach, than they will automatically make Honorable Mention, but a coach cannot vote for his own players.

There were 20 players that made the All-Conference team. Aaron Muhmmad TE, Teric Williams WR/RS, Ryan Taylor OL, Stephen Schwark QB, Ira Duckworth RB, Don Brown RB, Ronny Green DL, Garrett Roget LB, Richard Lyles DB, James Spady DB, JaColby Reed DB, Chris Nalley RS, John Flanagan DS, and Jamaal Johnson WR all made Honorable Mention. Phillip Blake OL, Fonda White OL, Chris Brunson C, O’Bryan Bell RB, and Donald Moore DL, all made second team. Calvin Rubles is the only player to make first team.

“We are proud of all our athletes to be honest,” Assistant Coach Ryan Mahon said. “We have a good representation on the All-Conference team. Obviously the more you got out on the All-Conference team, the better you think you did in the conference. They are all good guys, and they deserved what they get for doing such an excellent job this season.”

By making the All-Conference team, a player increases his chances of being recruited to a Division I school.

“We have about six players that are going to Division I schools,” Head Coach Danny Palmer said. “I’m disappointed how many made the team and where they got voted on the All-Conference team because there should have been more.”

“We have players like Ira Duckworth who actually should of made the 1st team because he was Conference Player of the Week twice,” Palmer said.

John Flanagan is one of the players to make the All-Conference team.

“It feels pretty good to make Honorable Mention. At first I didn’t know I made the team, and I feel that it is a good chance to get my name out there and get noticed by Division I school,” Flanagan said.

“If you make All-Conference in this league, you are a pretty good football player.” Palmer said. “We have a lot of freshman to make the team, so I’m looking forward to next season cause we have a lot of good players coming back to make this football team better.”

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