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Two returning Sophomores look to anchor Lady Apache hoops team

Last season Tyler Junior College women’s basketball team made it to the first round of the Regional tournaments with the record of 21-9, but Jacksonville College Lady Jauguars defeated the Lady Apaches last season since almost a decade.

“Since I have been here, Jacksonville has never beat us,” Treania Tills-Jones, women’s head basketball coach, said.

This season the ladies are looking forward to making it all the way and bringing home the national championship.

To help bring the team further in the playoffs Coach Tills-Jones is looking to hire an assistant coach. LaKeisha Grant, assistant coach from last season, is now overseas with the WNBA.

This season the women’s basketball team is made up of two returning players and nine new players.

Lady Apaches small forward Ervette Powell is excited about the new season and is looking forward to bringing home the national championship.

She chose to come to TJC because she said, “I would rather play for a team that would make me a better person and player than play for a team where I would get more playing time and no wins.”

Powell plans on bringing hustle, hard work, energy and more wins to the team.

“During practices it’s hard work but we make it and if there were any slackers on the team they would not make it,” Powell said.

She is looking forward to playing the schools biggest rival Trinity Valley Community College.

Like Powell, Monica Spearman who is one of the returning players from last season is looking forward to bringing home the national championship trophy.

“Last year we did not have as many shooters as we do this year,” Spearman said. “The new players work hard.”

At the time Spearman is undecided on where she wants to attend school. The Lady Apaches are still getting ready for their first game on Oct. 11.

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