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Tyler Civic Theater presents ‘Blithe Spirit’

A séance, a medium, and a ghost are usually seen in horror films instead of comedies, but “Blithe Spirit” is a different story.

Tyler Civic Theaters’ newest production “Blithe Spirit,” written by Noel Coward, is the tale of Charles Condomine, a novelist, and his second wife who decides to have a séance to speak to the other side.

When Charles’s first wife appears, much to his disbelief, mayhem and hilarity ensue.

“This is a stereotypical British drawing room comedy,” Director Felicity Enas said.

A British drawing room comedy is not shown through slapstick, such as people falling down, but more in the words people use and how they are spoken.

“With good comedy, you play it straight so it becomes comedic,” Evelyn James, who plays Charles’ second wife, said.

“This is purely entertainment, much like a situation comedy on television,” Enas said. “More audiences seem to enjoy a comedy where they can come to get away and forget rather than a drama,” Enas said.

Kimberlee Martin who has been in 100 or more productions was very excited to receive the role of Elvira, the ghost of Charles’ first wife. She has been waiting to be in the British comedy for almost seven years since she saw it in college.

“The way to describe my character would be a 1930s party girl who also is a big flirt,” Martin said.

A newcomer in the Civic Theater is Lauryn Confer who attends UT-Tyler.

Though Confer has been in several high school plays, she has tried out several times before at the Civic Theater and this time landed a role as the maid, Edith.

“I was extremely excited to get the role, it is a very funny play to be in,” said Confer.

“This is a universal production,” James said.

Although it deals with relationships, anyone who has been or is in one will understand the arguments and the wit in “Blithe Spirit.”

While one new face appears in the show, there are several returning faces that have been in many productions with Tyler Civic Theater.

The leads include Tom Young, who portrays Charles, Evelyn James plays his second wife, Ruth, and Kimberlee Martin, who portrays Elvira his first wife.

“Blithe Spirit” opens 7 p.m. on March 13 at Tyler Civic Theater. The play will run through March 23 with a 2 p.m. matinee on Sunday.

Tickets at the door are $20 for non-students and $15 for students. The show welcomes all ages.

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