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Tyler community receives new updates on Coronavirus

Due to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s extension to an executive order closing Texas schools until May 4, Tyler Junior College has made the decision to move classes that can be delivered remotely online for the remainder of the spring semester.

TJC faculty are working to deliver as much as possible through an online format for more hands-on courses such as labs. However, if some of these courses cannot be fully accommodated online, students may receive an Incomplete (I) grade for the course. Opportunities to complete these courses will be tentatively provided for the summer term.

Some student resources will still be available, including virtual offices and computer access at Vaughn Library. TJC is also working to install Wi-Fi hotspots for student use from their vehicles.

Graduation ceremonies have been postponed from May to August. Graduating students will still receive their degrees in May. 

More information from TJC’s Housing and Human Resources offices is expected to arrive within the week. 

For questions regarding these updates, visit tjc.edu/coronavirus.

The DrumBeat is continuing to work on articles regarding these updates.

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