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Vehicle burglars strike on campus

On Sept. 23, eight reports of automobile burglaries on and around the TJC campus were reported to Campus Safety.

There were four behind Bateman Hall, two on Baxter Street, and two behind Louise H. and Joseph Z. Ornelas Residential Complex.

“None of the vehicles were actually broken into. They are looking for cars that are unlocked, even one had the window down,” Campus Safety Chief Randy Melton said.

Some vehicles had nothing missing, but others reported that car stereos, a wallet and $8 had been taken. According to Melton, the vehicle burglaries are a growing problem.

TJC is not the only victim of car burglaries, according to Public Information Office Don Martin, there has been an increase in property crime all through the city of Tyler.

“The best thing you can do is not leave any valuables in your vehicle and make sure you lock your car doors. If you have a trunk, put the items in your trunk,” Martin said.

Melton advised that student call Campus Safety if they see someone “suspiciously walking through parking lots and in between cars.”

The number to contact Campus Safety is (903) 510-2222.

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