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Viewers get ‘Lost’ in ABC’s hit drama

It all started in a dark room with nothing but a DVD player, a 20 inch television set and the entire first season of LOST on DVD. I had sneered at my co-workers who were absolutely mesmerized by this show. Honestly at the time, it looked like a dramatized, spin-off version of Survivor.

Like many obsessive people of the world, I can’t watch a show after missing two seasons of it, I have to start from the beginning. So within the first hour of watching the very first episode of LOST, I hate to admit it….but I was completely HOOKED!

The characters of this show are so engaging and mysterious and you can never quite understand what they are all about.

So not to spoil anything for those who haven’t seen the show, but at same time I want to share this addiction with all LOST fanatics. Although there are many characters that really contribute to the mystery of the show, in my mind there are 4 characters on the show that seem to stick a little more than the rest.

So first you have Jack, the successful doctor turned hero. He’s tall and handsome and is ultimately dubbed the “good guy” from the very first episode. Jack’s life appears stable ,however, as the show moves forward our “good guy” has some major issues that he deals with. Then you have Kate, who is the quirky and pretty opposite of Jack. Kate has a painful past that seems to continue to find her and haunt her. Next comes Sawyer, who is what you would call the “comic relief” of the show. He is a complete bad boy with a tender heart and for some reason is always getting slapped, punched, kicked or shot at because of his sarcasticmouth. And last but not least you have John Locke. John is a little weird when you first watch him but he becomes an enthusiastic leader and is very knowledgeable. There is something very unique about John that exposes itself as the show moves forward.

Overall, I love this show. It has action, frightening moments, a little romance, humor and amazing “cliff hangers” which I love to watch in a show.

With all the random and useless reality shows littering the television network, it is nice to come home from school or work and just be excited to see a great show.

So for all of my potential LOST fanatics, it is not to late to catch up with the show. Just go to Target or Walmart and get all three seasons of LOST and spend a couple of sleepless weeks catching up. As for season 4, just go to http://www.abc.com and watch the episodes online.

I am very excited about this fourth season. In the first three seasons, the show carried watchers from the characters present location on the island to surprising flashbacks of each characters life, all the way up to landing on the island.

This fourth season, however, there is a twist of which the characters go from the future to the past or something like that.

With sources saying that there are only going to be 6 seasons of LOST, they are cramming many surprises into this fourth season and exposing some truths.

LOST starts back up April 24 and I will be right there with a bag of popcorn because I am clearly addicted.

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