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Volleyball serves up autumn hits

Volleyball is a great sport to watch and play, but not everyone gets to play at a college level. What does it take to play? Talent, dedication and the heart for the sport, not just volleyball but any sport. The ladies that make up the team here at TJC have it all plus some. With Coach Hatch and Coach Thompson, the girls are driven down the right path to success.

TJC’s conference is on the of the top in the nation. At one point in the last season’s play, there were four of the five teams listed in the top 20 nationally. Two of the teams were list in the top with our very own Tyler Junior College Apache ladies at #8.

Along with all of that recognition, six of the ladies are moving on to 4-year universities. They include Erica Weden to Texas Luthern University; Shawana Watkins, Dalia Serra, and Tatiana Kuhn all to Henderson State University; Leticia Kuhn to the University of Houston; and Naome Mays to Nichols State University.

Coach Hatch said “Really excited for the players going on to play at new school for this next year. They have worked hard to achieve this next step. I am looking forward to this coming 2008 season because of all the progress we have made this spring.”

Returning freshmen are Brittney Simples at middle hitter, Claire Barnett at setter and defensive specialist, and Kelcie Miller at the libero position.

The libero is a defensive position. Liberos wear a different color jersey similar to a goalie in soccer. They don’t have to rotate out of the game and they only play on the back row.

Tryouts were held in early December 2007 but some individual player were allowed to come on a date of their choice during the spring. Practice is set to begin Aug. 8.

The ladies are under the direction of Coach Dana Hatch and Coach Felicia Thompson.

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