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We need you!

Changes are happening on this campus and in the field of journalism. In The past two years you have seen this newspaper go from The Tyler Junior College News back to its roots becoming The Apache Pow Wow.

The field of journalism is changing more than it ever has before. Almost all forms of bringing you the news are going online, and The Apache Pow Wow is no different.

Last semester we introduced our website, tjcnewspaper.com, to bring news updates between publications directly to your inbox.

The new age of journalism is providing more input from the reader. But with that, we are asking for your help.

If you have an opinion on a story or want a story done, write us at Potter Hall Room 204, e-mail us at tjcnews@tjc.edu or post a comment on our message boards at tjcnewspaper.com.

Throughout the semester, students and faculty can also vote on polls for each issue and comment on individual stories.

The Apache Pow Wow will also be offering different features in the newspaper that the reader can only get at online.

Each issue, we will provide”Apache Web Extras” which are national stories that are of interest to our readers. Also, we will have extended interviews and photo galleries posted online to allow our readers to see more images than can be published.

One new feature we are still building for our readers is an editor’s blog. This blog will allow an extra opinion of stories of local and national interest, along with special features upcoming in The Apache Pow Wow.

We will continue to cover more stories that you are used to like the everyday events happening on campus, but expect new things from the paper that will also be new for our incoming reporters.

We will be reaching out and depending on your input and comments, especially with the important student vote in the presidential election. This is one of the most crucial votes most students have made and The Apache Pow Wow hopes to get voters prepared with a complete election guide to make an informed decision.

This is another big year for Tyler Junior College, and a big year for The Apache Pow Wow.

We are the reporters for the newspaper, but you the students and staff of Tyler Junior College are the voice of this paper and help make our stories what you want to read.

Join us for the journey and help us make this one of the best college publications in Texas.

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