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Women’s basketball prepares for season with new team

When changing schools, our Lady Apaches Basketball Team realizes that it is going to be a whole new ball game.

With practice and school responsibilities, the team takes time out occasionally to think about why they are really there, and where they came from.

Freshman point guard Katelyn Bernsen is from Hardin Jefferson High School in Beaumont.

“My big brother put me up to playing basketball. That is how I got started,” Bernsen said.

She chose to come to TJC because she said that she wanted more competition.

Bernsen thinks that the biggest differences between high school and college basketball are the practices and competitions.

“Practices are a lot harder than they were in high school,” Bernsen said.

Freshman Britney Joseph agrees with Bernsen, saying basketball on the collegiate level works and competes on a much faster pace than in high school.

Joseph is from Westside High School in Houston and started playing basketball in the fifth grade.

“I prayed about what school I wanted to go to and God put TJC on my heart. That is why I am here,” sophomore Myah Autry said.

Autry is from Chicago, and she has only been playing basketball for four years.

Autry feels that the biggest difference from her last school and TJC is that there is a tougher conference.

“To be the best you have to compete with the best,” Autry said.

After TJC, Autry hopes to attend a D-1 school, in the Big Eastern Conference, and someday move on to the Women’s National Basketball Association.

The Lady Apaches are still getting ready for their first game on Oct.31.

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