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Women’s soccer wins their first home opener

One minute, 40 seconds.

That’s how long it took Lauren Jeansonne to put in the first home goal ever for the Lady Apaches.

The goal by Jeansonne ended up being the game-winning goal in a game that quickly became a rout.

The Lady Apaches scored five goals in the first half and finished with another five in the second.

The Lady Apaches used a relinquishing offensive assault to put 25 shots on goal, keeping the Bossier Parish Cavalier’s off balance.

“I’m happy with the way the finishing went in the second half,” Head Coach Corey Rose said.

Traditionally, first-year programs struggle to find success due to many different factors. One of the major areas is recruiting, but that does not look to be a hindering factor for the Lady Apaches.

But for some of the Lady Apaches that was the determining factor for them when they choose to come to Tyler Junior College.

Captain Ashley Wall said one of the reasons she came to TJC was, to be a part of the first women’s soccer program.

Other Lady Apaches agreed with Ashley in coming to TJC, Scarlet Tarno said one of the deciding factors for her was, “to be a part of the first women’s soccer team and it is a great campus.”

Winning the first home game 10-0 can come with some high expectations.

Athletic Director Dr. Tim Drain joked during a recent radio interview that he doesn’t expect them to lose a game after the performance he saw on August 29.

He wasn’t the only one to see it either.

“We had great fan support,” Rose said.

“The atmosphere was really good for a soccergame.”

The Lady Apaches will play five more home games throughout the season, two of those being against conference opponents.

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