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Work study jobs now open to students campuswide

One of the most common stereotypes about college students is that they don’t have money. There is some truth to that claim, but one of the ways students could combat that stereotype is through a work study at TJC. A work study is a job opportunity for students through TJC. There are multiple work study programs at TJC pertaining to various interests and majors. 

“Whatever the students’ interests are, that’s where I recommend I go look for a job and they can literally ask anybody, any department,” said Casey Wells, the financial aid officer who finalizes work studies.  

There is no cutoff to when students can sign up for work studies, as they are available during the fall and spring semesters. Students are allowed to work 18 hours a week making $7.25 an hour. There are two off-campus work studies: Innovation Pipeline, a creation center where Tyler residents can use equipment such as 3D printers, embroidery machines and studio equipment, and The Family Learning Center of Tyler, a daycare center provided by TJC, which pays $8.50. On-campus tutors make $9 an hour. 

“They have all kinds of really cool stuff at Innovation, and you make a little bit more money,” Wells said. For those interested call 903-630-5891.  

First, to apply students will want to speak with the faculty member who oversees the department where they want to conduct the work study, then fill out the job application online by going on the human resources page on the TJC website. Click on “jobs at TJC” then click on “student jobs.” Find the desired job, then fill out the application. Students will also need a copy of their class schedule since a requirement is that no student can work during lecture hours. Work study applicants will also need to have filled out a FAFSA. This is because the payroll does not come from the department they work for, but from financial aid.  

“We pay the student so that the department doesn’t have to pay the student from their budget, so it saves the department money, so they can hire more students,” Wells said. 

 There are a variety of job opportunities for students such as tutors, chemistry lab assistant, translator, and plenty more that pertain to students majors and interest. There are work study opportunities within all departments like information technology and music  

“If you’re an athlete go see if you can be a student assistant work with the trainers or work with the teams. You know, I know, Men’s Soccer is hiring a couple of right now,” Wells said. 

Students who have work studies could find great insight into their career field and enjoyment. Some students have found their jobs to be simple, relaxing and a convenient way to make money.  

“I needed a job and this one seemed like one I’d like. I just scan books, put them back, make sure the library is clean. It’s really easy,” said Emma Malik, a sophomore at TJC. 

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