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A letter to TJC professors for finals

Andres Jaimes
Staff Writer
Dear professors, we, the students would like to ask you nicely to help us prepare for these finals like never before. We would like to know all the questions for the exams, and, if it is not too much to ask, all the answers to the questions. We would also like for the tests to have automatic ten points just for attending.
With that said, we will also like to thank you. Every semester we all go into a classroom and some of us pretend to pay attention to the lectures and fall asleep during lab. While some of us exceed and accomplish good grades, some of us like to be lazy, and you find away to never give up.
We really appreciate and consider the time you take to meet with us during your office hours, the reviews you teach us, responding to our emails at ungodly hours of the night, and last but last all the times you see us on our phones and you choose to ignore.
In reward, we promise to try out best for the remainder of the semester. We promise to try to go to the rest of our classes, submit all of our assignments, and read the reviews at least once. Don’t forget some of us will stay up until four in the morning studying and writing papers.
With nothing else to add, one more thank you for everything you do, and we want to keep encouraging you to keep doing your job. We will see you next semester.

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