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A little too much love…


     I’m all about feeling the love but after taking a look around at a few of my fel­low college students, love isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind…

     To tell the truth, I’ve been utterly grossed out and not just myself, but also other students passing through. No one wants their daily course load to include some wacked out, modern-day version of intro to human anatomy. That’s one class I’m sure many didn’t sign up for.

     This new love bug we have floating around campus has made students get out-right physical. The face-sucking, body grinding, in your face kind of promiscuity, is becoming a daily routine.

     With the rising numbers of promis­cuous behavior being witnessed almost any and everywhere, who knows what we will start seeing next.

     Believe it or not being promiscuous in a public place is unappreciated and darn right disturbing. If it’s really that serious, go home or get a room!

     I honestly don’t know what some stu­dents are thinking these days. What sort of thrill does one get exposing themselves to others openly without any kind of hesi­tation or embarrassment? Have we lost all sense of decency? What about our dig­nity? Isn’t it dangling dangerously close to the edge?

     I know times are a lot different and we sure aren’t leaving it to beaver, but our morals and values aren’t something to disregard just because it seems old fash­ioned.

     Being respected and respectful doesn’t ever go out of style regardless how many years pass. It’s something we all aren’t born with but it is something we can develop if we try hard enough.

     We have to educate ourselves in what’s right and take the time out to ac­tually examine our lifestyles. Consider asking yourself these questions… Do my actions affect others? Is this really benefi­cial in the long run? Can this become a problem in the future? What sort of path am I on right now and where will I ulti­mately end up?

     These are tough questions for many of us, but they all need to be answered eventually. We all have the power to change with the world around us, but we also have the common sense to know the difference between right and wrong.

     The feeling of freedom and expres­sion of love, I’m sure is a wonderful emo­tion to share, but I advise you to consider your environment first before having your own public make out session between classes.

    Remember, people are watching…

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