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A rule for some is a rule for all

By Julia Contarelli


When a rule is applied to an institution, it should be equally enforced to all.

The student handbook says, “Students should dress in a manner that should reflect high standards of personal self-image so that each student may share in promoting a positive, healthy and safe atmosphere within the College community.”

This passage implies that students should dress according to a school environment. Common sense must be used when choosing an outfit.

The student handbook also says, “Each student is expected to follow the Tyler Junior College guidelines of dress, which includes but is not limited to:

1) Dress and grooming/(indecent, lewd) clothing that exposes intimate body parts (underwear, cleavage, etc.) shall not disrupt the classroom or academic environment or cause undue attention to an individual student. Trousers shall be worn on or above the hips at all times.“

Now what comes to wonder is, why are some athletes and band members allowed to practice while breaking the dress code? Girls on the field can practice with sports bras and short shorts, and are not called out. The same for guys that don’t wear shirts while practicing.

Everybody should be able to wear what they desire, but if a dress code is enforced for some students, all should follow the rule. No exceptions should be made. This makes the college environment a place where everybody is equal.

The Ambassadors around campus check if students are following the rules. Lack of a student ID is what gets most of them, but also not following the dress code. Yet no Ambassadors are seen around the fields.

I believe in equality among all. If one is supposed to follow the dress code, all should, or it should not be there.

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