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On Oct. 27, 1985, Doctor Emmett Brown and Marty McFly hopped into the flying Delorean-turned time machine and blasted to 88 miles per hour activating the flux capacitor to send them into the future. What point in time did they land? Oct. 21, 2015.

So where are all the flying cars, Hoverboards and power-lacing shoes? Why don’t theaters offer holographic 3D movies? Why haven’t the Cubs won the World Series, yet?

Actor Michael J. Fox portrays Marty McFly, holding the ever famous Hoverboard.
Actor Michael J. Fox portrays Marty McFly, holding the ever famous Hoverboard.

While the last question has obvious answers, some of the cool stuff is either in the works, on the way or already available.

In a statement made to USA today last year, Nike announced they intended to release power- lace shoes during this year, trying for an October release. The idea that they would actually have self-lacing capability seems to be problematic because of the cost and battery issues. A replica of the shoes was released in 2011 which did light up, but the self-lacing function may not be viable even now. This future-now item will be one to watch and hope for.

The Back to the Future inspired shoes form Nike.
The Back to the Future inspired shoes form Nike.

What better way to show off self-lacing shoes than while hovering over the ground on a skateboard that doesn’t need wheels.

A replica of the Hoverboard has been available from Mattel Toy Company for several years, obviously without the ability to hover. The price seen online is just over $400, which seems a little steep. Until, of course, it’s compared to the price of an actual Hoverboard.

A company called Hendo Hoverboards has created a working Hoverboard. It’s not pink like the one on Back to the Future II and III, but lightweight metals and four engines create an electromagnetic field so that it can actually hover above the ground. Funded by private backers, the Hoverboard is slated for release on Oct. 21, 2015. With a price tag of $10,000, it is not expected to be ready for widespread distribution, but the inception of a working model makes it that much closer to a reality.

Levitating above the ground would be a really cool way to get around, but who wouldn’t rather fly through the clouds?

A small, privately held, American company called Terrafugia has already developed and pre-sold The Transition, a car with unfolding wings that transforms into an airplane. The vehicle meets all FAA and Automotive Safety Standards. It doesn’t have the vertical lift and folding tires of the DeLorean, but its folding wings and sleek design make it easy to fit into a garage. The one-seater will run on premium unleaded and get 35 mpg while driving. For a $10,000 non-refundable deposit on an over $300,000 price tag, it is available for reserve now. The company is also planning on launching the TF-X, a hybrid electric which will have a vertical take-off.

For the average Joe that doesn’t have half a million dollars (or even a few hundred) just lying around, there’s the cool, refreshing taste of Pepsi.

Pepsi is launching a new bottle in honor of Back to the Future, just like the Pepsi Perfect that Marty ordered in the café of the future in Back to the Future II. Pepsi announced to USA today that they will only be producing about 6,500 of these collectible bottles which will be priced at $20.15. Slated to be released on Oct. 21, 2015.

Set the date Marty! We must make into the future!
Set the date Marty! We must make into the future!

Back to the Future II had some really odd predictions for what would be coming 30 years along its timeline, but fantasy is about possibilities. While we have 3D movies, we’re still going to have to wait for holographic theaters. Imagine what the world will be like in another 30 years.

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