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College: The modern day play ground


Dragging into class the next morning with the smell of alcohol on their breath, the same clothes as the night before, and the night full of memories already forgotten; this is how a majority of college students live, most of them under the age of 21. Not being able to remember a thing from the night before. College is supposed to be the time to learn as much as possible for the next step in a student’s life, their career they have always dreamt of. It is not a time to get thrashed before a test the next morning. Bragging about a night that consists of this does not make a student seem “big and bad,” just “young and reckless.”

“College is the best years of your life,” is a saying that many new freshmen will hear going into college. The only difference between that and the lecture your parents give you about needing to study and going to class is that your parents know the mistakes that are easily made in college. Those that tell you that college is the best time of your life is obviously people who have not lived their life to the fullest; getting a dream job, falling in love, and having a family. 

Even though studying is important, having some fun whenever you are legal. Take precautions during this time; don’t drive after having a few drinks. Have a friend who will drive you home. Nobody has their sweet 16 on their 12th birthday, so why drink before you’re 21? It will ruin all that fun on your 21st birthday. Just be sure that you don’t have a test that next day and that you can miss class that morning if needed. 

College is a time to start working towards your career, not get wasted every single night. Having some fun is acceptable if you are legal, but showing up to class with the smell of alcohol while under the age of 21 is wrong. 

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