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Column 01: Through the eyes of the editor…


Well here I am again guys, finishing where I left off. My last and final semester in one of the best places to work on campus!!!

I have been fortunate and blessed enough to share my thoughts with so many once again. It’s what I love most about doing what I do, being a journalist.

We get a chance to meet so many amazing people along the way and we get a chance to change a few lives by the stories we tell.

Being a journalist, you see a lot throughout many years of reporting. You see the happy and as you would expect, you see the sad.

Looking back upon the stories I’ve written I’ll never forget the faces of people who took the time to talk with me, but I’m sure they also needed a willing ear to listen.

I’ve marveled with a tragic wreck victims rescuer, helped bring closure to a grieving former police officer, listened to a struggling student who lost her memory, and sat with a physically and emotionally battered young man, that only wanted to make his mother proud.

Each of these people changed my life for the better and I hope the same was true for the people who read their stories.

That’s the funny thing about this job, your learn new things and have the best experiences you couldn’t any other way.

This is just a glimpse of our world and what’s in the minds of the people who bring you the news each week. It’s a simple look through the eyes of an editor…

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