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Dancing With What Stars?


Ever since my wife took the T.V. out of our bedroom and put in our daughter’s, I have been stuck watching her girly (expletive deleted). It is unbelievable how many remodeling your house and design on a (expletive deleted) dime shows are on.

I have had my Monday and Tuesday nights taken away so she can watch Dancing With The Stars. At first I was against it and told her there was no way she can make me watch it and that this marriage is based on both of us agreeing on what to watch. So as I am sitting in my recliner watching Dancing With The Stars, I began to realize that it is actually a good show.

Now I know you are saying “If you like it Chris, what can be wrong with it?” There are no (expletive deleted) stars on the show! I know that is not entirely true. There have been quite a few stars dancing, but my problem is all the reality show people. The “Situation” is not a (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) star. He is a moron.

Let’s take a close look at this show. First off, this seasons 2nd place was Rob Kardashian. Who the (expletive deleted) is this goof? Oh wait! His sisters are popular and he is on their reality show. This guy is a no name. He is far from a star. Has he accomplished anything on his own to make him a star? Does he have any awards or is he just using the fame of his family. What in the (expletive deleted) are these people thinking?

Here is another example. Take a wild guess at how many people from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have been on this show. There have been three, two women and one guy. What is the deal with that? Once their little reality shows were over, and none of them actually married their choice, they were forgotten. How can they be considered (expletive deleted) star? Andy Warhol said that everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. That doesn’t mean you are a (expletive deleted) star.

So far my favorite to pick on has been Rob, but then I began to do research on past contestants. There are people who have been on the show who are nowhere near stardom. Some wannabe sports show host, some kind of political show host. They weren’t even on a good time slot. Some late night shows that nobody watches and barely lasted a season. How can you put these people on a show that is supposed to be for stars, just to have your audience go on the Internet to find out who the (expletive deleted) they are?

Is there some problem in getting actual stars? Are Sean Connery and Matthew McConaughey too busy to dance? What about some of our has-been stars? I would even settle for Arsenio Hall and Mark Hamill. At least they have actually done things on their own to make them stars. They have done movies and people know them for their accomplishments. Not how much they can drink and argue with Snooki. Not because of their family and friends.

In closing, I really do like the show and the dancing is awesome. The dancers are pretty hot too. But seeing these people on the show that I have never heard of is frustrating. I want to say “Wow! They got who on the show this season?” And “I can’t believe they got that star on the show!” For my last Expletive Deleted this semester, I just want to say this to the Producers of Dancing With The Stars……People on reality shows are not (EXPLETIVE DELETED) stars. Keep them off the (expletive deleted) show. Get up and find some real stars. Thank you to all my readers and have a very merry Christmas.  

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