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Don’t forget to take care of yourself when life gets crazy

Quanae Miller
Student Life Editor
Going off into the world of adulthood is overwhelming. After going to college your parents expect you to make your own dentist and doctor appointments. They want you to start paying your own bills and make your own decisions. Life gets out of hand.
You’re still trying to figure out how to balance classes with crazy professors that expect you to read a book by the next class period and have interesting things to contribute to the class discussion. Not realizing that you have 4 other classes that you have homework for that same week. You’re having to work to put yourself through college. Okay, not every student has to put themselves through school but let’s keep it real here… Ain’t nobody got money like that. As you’re balancing school and work you have to somehow find time to have a social life.
And don’t even get me started on how life goes during finals week.
Through all of this chaos you’re still trying to find yourself and discover how to maneuver through the complexities of life. It is easy to lose yourself through the conundrum. It’s hard to find a moment to breathe.
Finding that moment to breathe is essential to not losing your mind in college. You could join a club or find a hobby you didn’t know you were interested in. My first year of college was a complete fail. Unlike some people, when put under extreme pressure I recede into myself and have a hard time to get motivated to do anything.
To battle that the next semester I started managing my time better and made myself be disciplined on how I spent my time. But I also started taking myself out on dates as a reward. I didn’t spend money every time I went out. At times my date was simply going for a long walk to clear my head and get fresh air.

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